Top 5 Interesting Facts about Canada

We all pride oneself in who we are and where we come from, not so for everyone  though. As Canadians, we are pleased with our rich heritage, wide borders, and breathtaking environment.

Below are a number of the Interesting facts about Canada:

1. The story of Winnie-the-Pooh by A.A. Milne that a lot of folks loved in our childhood days was inspired by a Canadian cub , Winnipeg. it had been transported from Canada to London within the 1900’s. Milne’s son, Christopher Robin, loved to go to the zoo to ascertain “Winnie” and thus was the source of inspiration for his father’s book.
2. There are parts of Canada that have less gravity than everywhere else within the World. once you get to Canada, attempt to pay a visit to the Hudson Bay . it’s where you’ll experience it. you almost certainly will weigh less too, a relief especially if you’ve wanted to reduce but to no avail.
3. We have the longest coastline and street within the World. Our coastline is that the longest within the world and stretches a complete 202,080 km. As for the longest street, the prize goes to Yonge Street in Ontario. it’s 2000km long.
4. In 2007, Canada unveiled the world’s only million dollar coin that worth quite 1,000,000 dollars. Crazy, right? It weighs 100 kilograms. You can’t carry that around with you.
5. We have a park that’s larger than Switzerland in Alberta. Yes, it’s the Wood Buffalo park that’s at the border of the southern Northwest Territories and Northern Alberta.
Canada has numerous interesting facts about culture, and even landscape, and that we cannot exhaust it all. To be a part of the pride, you’ll apply for immigration and luxuriate in what Canada has got to offer.

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