Fried Ham and Cheese Roll

Fried Ham and Cheese Roll is an easy snack or appetizer. It tastes really good and it also has that crisp and crunchy texture on the outside. This recipe is simple and inexpensive. Kids love it!

I usually make this using leftover tasty bread. You can make this dish if your loaf of bread is about to expire in a few days or if you still have that leftover ham in the fridge from the holidays.

Pimento  is an optional ingredient. It can be purchased in the supermarket. If it is not available, try to grill a piece of fresh bell pepper and slice it into strips.

Tips in making Deep Fried Ham and Cheese Roll

  • There is a tendency for the bread to absorb the oil. To avoid this situation, flatten the bread to the point that the texture becomes pudding-like. This will prevent the bread from absorbing more oil.
  • Use low to medium heat so that the bread crumbs won’t brown right away.
  • Always serve this within 10 minutes after frying for best results.

Try this Fried Ham and Cheese Roll Recipe. Let me know what you think.

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